Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Name your top 6:

1. syazila
2. abah a.k.a arip gilo
3. aizat a.k.a mama
4. umare
5. billa
6. kecikuddin

Number One:

What is the last party you attended with this person?
doa selamat nak exam

: p

What do you love about this person?
everything kot

How did you meet this person?
classmates...best 1 ouh

Is this persons phone number on your speed dial'
hell yeah...

Does this person call you by a nickname?
rarely..pnggil ayg sudah

: p

Number Two:

Have you ever kissed this person?
buat ape..geli aq ngan ko bah

What is this person's favourite store to shop?
entah r..music shop kot

Is this person taller than you?
haah..tinggi 2cm je kerek

Are you this person's number 2 friend?
tah..no 1 kot


Does this person know your parents?
kenal mcm tu je kot

Number Three:

What does this person drive?
abah kate dy drive persona

Have you ever danced with this person?
belly dance..

Haha hell no

How long have you known each other?
sebulan 2 hari

Have you been on a vacation together?
x..abah x bg..msti kne de dy bru bleh

Nyebok je

Number Four:

Would you consider living with this person?
memang pon..

Dok sebilik ag

When is the last time you talked on the phone to this friend?
jumpe sudah...

Does this person work or go to school?

Does this person know any of your secret?
a lot..

Number Five:

Where does this person live?
kuantang kot

Is this person promiscuous?
pe bende nyer nie?

Can this person sing?
ngaji boleh r kot ;)

Have you ever broke the law with this person?
hahaha dy yang ajar

Where is this person right now?
ngan cyg aq kot

Number Six:
Is this person single or taken?
susah nak cakap...

Does this person have any pets?
damn...gile kucing!!

Is this person a rebel or a rule follower?
ntah... :P

Rate this person's looks 1-10;

How old was this person when you met?
17 3/4... :p

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