Thursday, June 25, 2009


1. This morning I was
Sleeping n cleaning my own room

2. I am afraid of
Cerita hantu..Creepy

3. I dream about:
Becoming a Prime Minister.

~Have You Ever~

1. Pictured your crush naked?:
NO...geli mat..

2. Been in love:
Penah gak r.. Skrg?? Ye kot

3.Cried when someone died?

4. Lied:
Have u?

5. Flowers or candy:
Flowers and candy..

6. Scruff or clean shaven:
Perlu ker bgtau?

7. Tall or short:

~With The Opposite Sex~

1. What do you notice first?
Cute x dy..hehe

2. Last person you slow danced with:
Never done in my live..

3. Worst question to ask:
Knape pkai kasut. Ape pnye soalan r tu..
Hehe.. jgn mara Umare


1. Makes you laugh the most?
Abah n Umare.. Bleh gile lyan dyorg nie

2. Makes you smile
Sayang ku..Syazila.. Thankz syg

3. Gives you a funny feeling when you see them
Half male Half female..u all tau kan??

4. Is easier talk to: boys or girls?
Tengok r.. Kalu rase nak citer pasal bola ngan boy r.. Kalu rase nak gossip ngan girls r..

~Do You Ever~

1. Sit on the internet waiting for someone special to IM you?

2.Save AIM conversations?:
X pernah.

3. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex?
NOPE! tak perlu. I’m glad to be me

4. Cry because of something someone has said:?
Macam ade

5. Pray?
Always.. Have u??

~Have You Ever~

1 Fallen for your best friend?:
Bak kate Jason Mraz r

2. Rejected someone:
X pon..haha

3.Cheated on someone:

4. Been cheated on:
Ask them who cheating on me.

5. Done something you regretted:
Yes. Adus nyesal gle

6. Wanted to die
Not yet.. Pahale blom cukup

~Who Was The Last Person~

1. You talked to on the phone
Mama ejat. Abah aq risau giler dy x blek2

2. Hugged
Arip cos best plok dy.. Mcm teddy..
Hehehe.. Jgn mara abah

3.You instant messaged
Mama ejat.. Ajak pg makan

4. You laughed with
Mama Ejat, Abah n Sayang aq..Gelak pasal Abah jadi kelu secara tiba2..
Mcm xpercaye kan..

~Do You~

1. Color your hair
Yup. brown

2. Ever get off the computer
Hell no!!

3. Habla espanol
What dew hell??

4. Sprechen sie deutsches
WTH?? Bahase pew nie??

5. Fight with your parents
Sometimes. Tapi biasenye aq r kalah

6. Have friends you've lost touch with
Ade. Ramai

7. Feel happy?
Yup..cos ade kwn2 aq yang selalu support aq..
Thankz Guys..

8. Wish you could fly away.. far, far away?
Yes..Nak release tension assigment

9. Believe in God?

10. Could you live without the computer?
No way..

11.What's your favorite candy?

12. Whats your favorite fruit?
Durian D123. Ade tak?

13. Sunrise or sunset?

14. What hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain?

15. Trust others way too easily?:

16. Are your fingers cold?
no. Butterfingers

17. coke or pepsi
Air mineral sudah

~Final Questions~

1. I want
Her. Syazila..

2. I wish
to have you in my whole lifetime.

3. I love

4. I miss

5. I fear
Of losing her

6. I hear
Abah dengkor sebelah aq nie

7. I smell
KFC (umare ingt janji ko)

8. I wonder
If she wanted to be my lover for de rest of my life


  1. adui awk!!! malu nyer!!! hihihi...
    ok first time make me blushing...